Read these evidence-based books on healthy sleep habits and getting the right amount of sleep

The benefits that come with getting quality sleep each night are numerous. With the right amount of sleep, you might not need to follow that strict diet or constant exercise. Getting quality sleep has more to do with good sleep practices and habits. 

If you don’t have the right attitude towards sleep, you won’t be able to get the best out of it. Maybe you’re of the school of thought that sleep is for lazy people, and other similar myths or you don’t have enough motivation to find a way to improve your sleep habits, or believe that some people are just lucky in the sleep department and there is not a lot you can do about it! To help dispel these myths, here are some best books on sleep to help change your life in the sleep department. Woohoo! We hope that you can sleep better now! But before hitting the bed, explore our mooshoo way of living completely to live a happy healthy life.


Sleep- Change the way you sleep - Nick Littlehales-

If your sleep pattern is in a shambles, leaving you feeling tired and heavy all day, and all you want is to know is what you need to help you sleep better, then this is the book for you.

This bestseller is authored by an elite sports sleep coach Nick Littlehales, who has helped many athletes build a great sleep pattern to boost productivity with notable mentions like soccer demigod Christiano Ronaldo, cycling champion Bradley Wiggins, amongst others.

Nick explains the modern world patterns that disrupt our circadian rhythm while challenging existing held preconceptions, such as the need for eight hours of sleep and the need to sleep in one continuous block of time.

He explained the need to see sleep as 90 minutes cycles, the importance of power naps, sleeping on your non-dominant side, and creating the right environment for a good sleep. He delved into real-life examples and transformed athletes’ by improving their approach to sleep.

‘Sleep’ has an excellent narrative style that is enjoyable to read. At the same time, it is informative and challenges you about what you know and believe about the science of sleep and recovery. 

Why We Sleep- The New Science of Sleep and Dreams- Matthew Walker-

This magical piece by Matthew Walker is a wealth of information. It establishes a correlation between good sleep and having a happy healthy life. You see, most people know that more exercise and a better diet are two of the easiest ways to improve one’s health. However, Walker argues that sleep is a stronger pillar of health, as a matter of fact, the other two pillars actually rest on the foundation of a good night’s sleep.

Walter goes ahead to present a lot of facts in this bestseller- including the adverse effects of depriving one’s self of adequate sleep and the many benefits that come with quality sleep.

In one passage, he compares the danger of depriving yourself of a night’s sleep with the impairment of being drunk to the legal limit, a fact that was supported by many studies; while adding in the middle of chapter four that “I will take no offence,” he says to readers who fall asleep while reading his book. “On the contrary, I would be delighted.” Fascinating stuff!

The Promise of Sleep- William C. Dement-

Dr William Dement, founder, and director of the Stanford University Sleep ResearchCenter explains in this revolutionary book what happens when we sleep and when we don’t, and how we can reclaim the most powerful, yet underrated health miracle of all.

Commonly in today’s busy world,  we ditch sleep to meet the demands of a 24/7 work culture. Technology has created a world that doesn’t go to sleep, and as such, this caues irregularities with our body’s inner clocks (our circadian rhythm).

Too many people dismiss the lack of sleep as a fact of modern life, and too few doctors promote sleep health or awareness. The end result, says Dement, is an epidemic of sleep disorders, carrying with it a mounting physical, emotional and psychological toll we shouldn’t be made to endure.

How to Sleep Well- The Science of Sleeping Smarter, Living Better and Being Productive- Dr. Neil Stanley-

Not getting enough sleep can dramatically impact your quality of life, but most sleep problems can be solved with a deliberate effort to form a habit.

Authored by Dr Neil Stanley, a sleep expert with over 36 years of experience at your disposal, “How to Sleep Well” is a guide to help you get the much needed, restorative sleep to live better and be more productive. In this book you’ll find:

●      Learn how sleep — or a lack thereof — affects every aspect of your life.

●      Identify the root causes of your sleep issues and cut them off at the source.

●      Discover sleep advice that works, and the tips that are just plain daft.

●      Create a healthy, calming bedtime routine to help you sleep better.

If you have been struggling with a lack of sleep or simply not enough sleep, this book will help you get back on track.