Together - Deep, Meaningful and Fun games for couples.

We know how difficult communication can be in a couple and how key it is...

That's why we've spent a long time thinking about how to make communication a fun and enriching games for couples, to help deepen the connection or spice things up during date night with your partner. This game has 150 cards divided into 3 categories :

  • The "Me" category is for the one who draws to respond : it will prompt you to open your heart to your partner.
  • The "You" category, the player who draws the card listens to the answer given by their partner : it will help you listen and understand each other's ideas.
  • The "Us" category, both players answer at the same time : did you have the same position? Did you answer differently? It will allow you to start a deep discussion :)

These card games for couples board game are will allow you to discuss deep subjects like family, yourself, the future, relationships,...

This great conversations starter game is a fun, funny, pleasant way to start a form of couples therapy during a couples retreat!

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