Time2Sleep Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding

  • 😁Teeth Sleeping Guards for Night: Our teeth guards splint will be your ally for the night to put an end to the problems that bruxism can cause, such as: insomnia, pain in the jaw muscles, headaches, premature wear of the teeth , it is the ideal tooth protector against squeaking. You will finally be able to sleep well, get off on the right foot and start your day in great shape.
  • 😁Multi-Use Mouth Guard: Dental Gutter facilitates nighttime breathing, relaxes facial muscles and helps relieve symptoms of bruxism such as neck pain, insomnia, tooth wear, migraine, shoulder pain and of the jaw.Sleep Teeth Retainers are specially designed against TMJ, bruxism, teeth grinding and clenching. Perfect for adult, men and women alike.
  • 😁Good Sports Protection: If you want to participate in intensive sports like boxing, MMA, karate, judo, taekwondo and hockey, etc., it protects your teeth. This can reduce the risk of dental injury.
  • 😁Easy to Clean: Remember to clean it after each use, with water or with a mouthwash to ensure healthy and optimal long-term use. Use the box provided to store it.
  • 😁Easy to Carry: You can take it in a small bag or even in your pocket and use it at any place. For All Situations: If you are going on business, vacation, camping or with friends,worried that snoring will affect your friends,using our teeth grinding guard is the best choice at this time.