Habit Tracker Journal for James Clear's Atomic Habits: Custom Designed Workbook for Habit Building and Goal Achieving

James Clear’s incredible Atomic Habits is one fo the unique books on Self Help. It is full of great ideas, helpful advice and brilliant strategies to make changing your life. But still reading and putting it into action requires a well designed track. This Journal provides exactly that. This Workbooks includes:
  • Self Journal questions to clear your thoughts and understanding about yourself.
  • You will come to understand your. good and bad habits.
  • Understand your Habit Patterns that lead to your success and failure in the past
  • Well designed colourful weekly habit builder with self assessment after every 21 days.
  • it will Boost your will power and confidence of doing things to next level
If you really want to grow and move your life forward this beautiful and a must have journal is for you.