Here are some suggestions on how you can give back! Clearly, there are millions of ways you can do so, but here are just a few ideas!

Giving is an act of love, an act of selflessness. To get the best out of life one of the things you can do, is to give back.

The beauty of giving is that it does not have to be extravagant; it is as simple as a random act of kindness to your neighbour, offering to do the food shopping for a friend. helping a child learn a new skill, volunteering at a fundraiser, or perhaps planting a tree. 

You don’t always have to give your money, you can give your prayers, your time, your energy into ideas that can help shape the world to be a better place for others to live in. 

Apart from feeling a sense of fulfilment and gratitude, there are genuine health benefits from giving and the act of giving in some shape or form also finds its way back to you. It is truly better to give than it is to receive. 

If you are unsure about avenues to give back to the benefit of humanity, I’ll share a few with you:

“Chronicles” is a great example that covers the non-profit world of philanthropy. It’s an independent news organisation that has a reputation for serving leaders, fundraisers, grant-makers, and others involved in the philanthropic enterprise for over 25 years.

Based in the US, “Chronicles” have been involved in major projects like Philanthropy 400 which ranks the nation’s largest non-profit groups based on the monies they gave, and Philanthropy 50 which ranks the top individuals that gave to non-profit organizations during the year. 

The website is updated daily so you can be sure to see the latest happenings, and by signing up, not only can you read news and statistics, but you will also be guided on how to be a part of a major fundraiser or non-profit group. 

If you are fascinated about giving back to nature then you should absolutely jump in here. “Ecologi” is a great avenue where you can help the world regain its essence. 

Founded in Bristol, “Ecologi”, formerly known as ‘Offset Earth’, is an environmental conservation organisation helping people and businesses tackle the global climate emergency, by funding reforestation and reducing carbon emissions. Simply put, they are helping us, help the earth.

Carbon emissions from industries and machinery cause climate change and “Ecologi” tackles this problem by working with many communities in planting trees. In addition, “Ecologi” supports incredible environmental projects. Everything from setting up solar and wind energy in India, Turkey, and Indonesia, to water conservation in Malawi. You can be a part of it by signing up here.

On their website, they described themselves as an “independent conservation organisation.”, with their mission being to “create a world where people and wildlife can thrive together.”

WWF, an abbreviation for the ‘World Wildlife Fund’ is the world’s leading conservation organisation determined to stop the destruction of nature and help it to recover. 

Its support site in the UK seeks to promote and raise awareness around the key environmental issues facing our planet today. Together with the WWF Network, it looks for solutions to these issues, engaging with governments, businesses, and communities both in the UK and around the world. 

Have you been having thoughts about saving the world? Saving wildlife and preserving nature? Well, here’s a great chance for you to achieve that. This website is a wealth of information, testimonials, successful projects, and how to support a project, plus lots more. Sign up to learn more!

You cannot save the world alone, but you can touch the lives of people around you. Cancer is a life-threatening disease that has ravaged the lives of many people. 

A lot of research is on-going to discover ways by which cancer can be effectively managed or cured and organisations have been set up to fund it, one of such, is the Cancer Research UK, an organization that fund scientists, doctors, and nurses to help beat cancer. It also provides cancer information to the public.

Sign up on their website to learn more and be a part of it.

Giving back isn’t only through money, you can also give your time and join a volunteering community. The world is in dire need of such. Make a difference today.

Wherever you are around the world, there’s a volunteering opportunity near you that you can be a part of. It might just be a few minutes of your day, no matter how small, every little bit helps. 

If you are in the UK, there’s a national database of volunteering opportunities that you can join. Every 45 seconds someone in the UK finds a volunteering opportunity thanks to is the national database of volunteering opportunities. You can search more than 1 million volunteering opportunities by interest, activity, or location and apply online.