When you need some easy to follow food and nutrition reference sites, here they are!


Created by Dr Michael Greger, Nutrition Facts is a website dedicated to providing the truth about food & nutrition based on the latest science. Using Dr Greger’s evidence-based nutrition approach, this platform offers more than 2,000 health and nutrition topics with new videos and articles published daily. These videos are categorized into popular topics like paleo diets, blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer, and more, to help guide you to the content you are looking for. Alongside the video, there’s a blog, eating guide, nutrition FAQs, and more!

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Patrick Holford’s site, Holford Direct, is a supplement store and information platform for nutrition. Having started in the 1990s, Holford Direct has successfully led the way in supplements to support nutritional balance for optimum health. The supplements are separated into their various uses including metabolism, mind, women’s health, and more, to ensure that you can easily find the supplement that’s right for you. Alongside this, the site also offers books and DVDs to purchase to learn more.

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One of the best websites for nutrition and health is Healthline. Over 20,000 articles have been published, all medically reviewed by doctors, nurses, and other specialist experts. It is one of the most frequently visited health sites on the web. What’s more, it’s all evidence-based analysis. As there is no agenda – no products being sold – the information is objective and solely based on scientific research, which is all provided as an embedded link. If you want more information on a topic, this site is for you.

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This website is all about healthy eating, with some useful resources for people wanting to commit to a healthier life. Alongside countless articles relating to food & nutrition, Eat This Much also has a useful personalised meal planner. Once you put in your dietary restrictions, caloric intake, and eating schedule, it will give you a personalized meal plan that you can use, as well as a calorie calculator to keep you on track. Of all the nutrition sites out there, this offers the most actionable help! 

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This independent, science-backed blog offers an evidence-based approach to food and nutrition. When you go onto the site, you are met with a search bar, in which you can type your health concern or topic of interest – whether it’s weight loss or boosting testosterone – you will then be directed to articles and resources you can use to develop your understanding and improve your health. This site is a little more advanced and scientific, so if you prefer a basic summary and to be told what to do – this isn’t for you. But if you like to learn, and understand some basic science, this is the number one nutrition resource.

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