Check out these fitness books and life hacking books to extend your life

When it comes to longevity, it’s fair to say that through history many have attempted to find the elixirs to a long and healthy life. Whilst, we haven’t managed to find the cure for death (as yet), check out these fitness books that attempt to at least help us to understand how to give us a good chance of adding a few years. 

What keeps you waiting then? Start reading the books now to stay fit. Also, enjoy a long and happy healthy life…!


Super Human- Dave Asprey-

Dave Asprey, a self-proclaimed biohacker and creator of  “The Bulletproof Diet”, recently released this book which has quickly topped the charts as a New York Times bestseller. Following his global bestselling book “The Bulletproof Diet”, Asprey wrote “Super Human”, a book that explores the top evidence-based ways to slow down ageing and promote longevity. 

The book is great because all claims are rigorously tested by Asprey himself, as well as being backed by science and recommended to him by the leaders – academics, specialists and scientists – in each field of anti-ageing research.

The Longevity Paradox- How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age- Dr Steven Gundry-

Creator of “The Plant Paradox”, Dr Steven Gundry is at the forefront of conversation when it comes to longevity. The book analyses the impact of our diets and lifestyle on our risk of developing certain diseases, and whether by making dietary and behavioural changes can actually reverse ageing and prevent disease. 

The book is a recommended read because it’s undeniable that Gundry is an expert, he has written more than three hundred articles published in peer-reviewed journals and is a world-renowned surgeon. 

On the back of his years of first-hand experience as a cardiologist and heart surgeon, the book makes for an interesting read, offering some invaluable insights.

Lifespan- David Sinclair-

This New York Times bestseller was written by a Harvard Medical School scientist and it’s all about ageing and longevity. David Sinclair has a unique perspective, viewing ageing as a treatable disease that can be reversed or accelerated depending on our day to day decisions. 

Throughout the book, Sinclair references scientific research and studies, often focusing on the role of genetics. Sinclair believes that we have certain vitality genes that have only been recently discovered in science. Understanding how to manipulate these genes, he believes, is the key to longevity. 

After covering the science, the author then recommends various lifestyle adjustments and technologies that can promote longevity.

When you search for the most popular fitness books, this is usually what you find. But this is a two part recommendation – Michael Matthews created two best selling fitness books – one for men, one for women, both on how to improve your physique, defy aging and look better than ever, all possible through weight lifting. 

Matthews philosophy is simple: ignore all the crap fed to you by the fitness industry, exercise is simple and uncomplicated. You don’t need to workout for hours a day or dedicate your life to fitness. In fact, the best results (particularly for longevity) come when you do short, high intensity workouts and allow for proper recovery. Check this one out.

The 4-Hour Body- The 4hour body- Tim Ferriss-

Want to learn how to get the body of your dreams? And feel, look, perform, recover better than ever? It sounds like you need to check out “The 4-Hour Body” book. Created by Tim Ferriss, a serial entrepreneur and self-proclaimed ‘optimiser’, this book explores the most effective ways to improve your health through fitness. The ethos that underpins this book is the minimum effective dose – with Ferris offering recommendations and tips on how to get the best physical outcomes for the least effort. 

This is a great read if you have a busy life and can’t dedicate much time to fitness, or if you’re not a fan of working out at all. You’ll learn how to get fit with ease, to age with grace.