How to Create the Perfect Skincare Routine

How well do you take care of the largest organ of your body?


While you might not think of it, taking care of your skin is essential for health. And the best way to do so is to build a skin care regimen based on your specific needs and to look for high-quality ingredients in your skincare products.



The Importance of a Skincare Routine



Every day, we are exposed to pollutants and UV rays, damaging and prematurely aging our skin. Although it is never too late to adopt a healthy skincare regimen, starting early can help prevent damages and ensure that your skin looks young and healthy for many years to come.


Healthy skincare can also improve skin appearance by addressing issues like acne, rosacea, dark spots, and blackheads.



The Most Important Steps in a Skincare Routine

Step #1: Cleanse



The first step to any skincare routine should always be cleansing. It should be done twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, to eliminate the accumulated debris, oils, skin cells, and dust. In the morning, a simple cleansing, even just with water, will do. However, you should double-cleanse at night to effectively remove any skincare product, sunscreen, or makeup you used during the day. To do so, start with an oil-based cleanser, like micellar water, followed by a water-based cleanser.


Step #2: Treatment



The second step is all about treating your skin. This is any product targeted to fix a skincare issue you are trying to address. For example, you could use a toner with salicylic acid to exfoliate or treat acne. Or, apply a vitamin C serum to prevent premature ageing and treat dark spots. Make sure to use only one treatment product at a time to maximise its effectiveness and test its results.


Step #3: Moisturise



The third step is moisturising, even if you have oily or acne-prone skin. Proper hydration is essential to maintain your skin barrier and will help soothe and soften the skin.


Step #4: Sunscreen



The last step, never to be skipped, is to protect your skin. You should use sunscreen every day and re-apply it every two hours when exposed to the sun. Daily sunscreen will prevent fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture, and, more importantly, skin cancers.


You can always add more steps to your skincare routine, but you should always follow these four essential steps daily.

Which Ingredients to Look for in Skincare Products 


You should look for different ingredients depending on your specific needs, but here some are great for any skin type:


  • Hyaluronic acid retains hydration in your skin, protecting and maintaining your skin barrier while giving you a glowy look.
  • Ceramides are another great ingredient to look for in skincare, especially if you have dry skin or eczema. They are fatty acids naturally occurring in your skin and help seal moisture in your skin while keeping impurities out.
  • Lastly, you want to seek out products with mentions like “non-comedogenic,” “fragrance-free,” and “hypoallergenic.” They are a sign that the ingredients in this specific products are gentle and will not irritate you or clog your pores