Breathing well helps us a lot and there’s scientific backing to that (check top tips section of Mooshoo).

But a couple of things can interfere with our breathing, some of them come from our personal actions or habits like smoking, a bad posture, or lack of exercise, and some are by external factors like environmental pollution or infection- either way, they’re detrimental to our health and should be avoided or controlled.

When you pay attention to how you breathe and apply some form of technique to improve on it, it can help you reduce stress, feel calmer, improve hair growth, and have more energy — all the good things that come with living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

Controlled breathing has been in existence for over 5000 years in the form of meditation, yoga, and other techniques like pranayama, and is still relevant to date. Remember that time you had an important speech to deliver and you took a deep breath, or when you tried to calm your nerves in severe pain by breathing slowly? That’s a form of controlled breathing.

These days, there are a couple of controlled breathing techniques out there, but knowing which one is good enough for you is why this article was written. Expand your knowledge about your breathing and wellbeing, and engage in activities that can foster that. We have a handful of trusted professionals and resources that can help you, these connections will lead you directly to them.


Dr. Andrew Weil, a leader in the integrated medicine field has mastered the secrets of living the good life. He’s also physical proof that healthy aging is possible.

The founder of Weil Lifestyle, LLC, a leading resource for integrative medicine education, information, products, and services, Dr. Weil combines a Harvard education and a lifetime of practicing integrative medicine to provide a unique approach to health care that encompasses body, mind, and spirit.

Dr. Weil has been a strong advocate for alternative medicine, contending that modern medical practices are more curative than preventive. His website, offers a lot of helpful practicable information on healthy living, and one thing you should look out for is the 4-7-8 technique for effective breathing which Dr Weil believes is a useful tool that can achieve your desired mental and physical state.

“As a practitioner and teacher of integrative medicine for the last thirty years, it has been my personal mission to drive research, education, and clinical practice to advance a philosophy of health that addresses mind, body, and spirit. I believe that integrative medicine is the future of medicine and health care.” -Dr. Andrew Weil.


As much as under-breathing is unhealthy, Over-breathing too is a great concern.

People breathe too much, which alters the natural levels of gases in the blood, reduces oxygen delivery to tissues and organs, and causes constriction of the smooth muscles surrounding blood vessels and airways which can lead to numerous health problems.

The Buteyko Method is a series of breathing exercises and guidelines specifically designed to reduce over-breathing. This website gives explicit information about the Buteyko Method.

Founder of the website and MD at Buteyko Clinic International, Patrick Mckeown, has been a victim of breathing problems from childhood, and after undergoing a series of treatments and surgeries all to no avail, he practiced this method and it greatly improved his breathing.

He now works tirelessly to introduce the practice to adults and children with chronic health conditions. His long-term goal is to educate professionals including yoga teachers, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, and dentists, especially pediatric dentists, about the Buteyko breathing method so they can better help their clients.


An interesting character in the world of breathing, Wim Hof, has built a name for himself because of his astounding feats, such as withstanding extreme temperatures, breaking world records, and running barefoot marathons over deserts and ice fields. He credits his breathing techniques and cold training for giving him the ability to not only perform these impressive feats but also to regulate his immune system.

Wim Hof’s enviable achievements demonstrate the profound effects that breathing has on the physiological and chemical processes of the body. Wim has mastered the art of controlling his breathing to withstand harsh climate for long periods while keeping his body in optimal conditions- a practice he calls The Wim Hof Method which he explains in great detail on his website.

Wim shares his personal journey and philosophy on his website, he also presents an opportunity to talk directly to him and learn from him. Asides from that, the website also provides video tutorials, activities with instructors, podcasts, and other resources that will guide you into breathing right.


Pocketcoach is another great online resource to connect with. From its name, it’s a digital coach designed to help you get over mental stress and anxiety.

The website presents clinically supported interactive CBT-based lessons that can help you to reduce anxiety through making lasting, positive changes in your thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

One of the interactive lessons you can learn on this website is the ancient Pranayama breathing technique- a technique that has been in existence since about 5000 BC in India alongside yoga and meditation and has been proven to be of great help to our breathing. The website will guide you through its history, and you’ll see the 8 types of pranayama techniques and how they can benefit your life.


The Breathing Class is another great online resource that teaches everything you wish to know regarding respiratory patterns and exercises to promote a healthy life.

On this website, you’ll discover how important meditation and exercise through breathing is and why everyone should do them often.

What’s more? The Breathing Class provides video classes you can access anywhere you are with a BREATHE INSTRUCTOR that can teach you all you need to know while providing you with the personal attention that you would need in these kinds of lessons. It’s like having a personal guide to walk you through breathing the right way.