What is Mooshoo?

Mooshoo is human architecture; a gateway to key resources to help make you a happy healthy life. You may eat incredibly well but, do you balance diet with the right exercise? Do you take care of your mind and your body? Think of yourself as a set of complex functions that need to work in harmony to enable you to live an outstanding life. Mooshoo is a practical strategy that addresses all these functions to help you be a better you. It provides a truly holistic approach to your well-being. Of course, with all these suggestions, always consult the advice of qualified professionals!

The Problem

It's hard to know how to manage all these functions. We focus on work, making money, and socialising. We spend huge amounts on vitamins, self-help books, and products. We compare our lifestyles with others, neglecting relationships, and the simpler pleasures in life, like nature and our incredible planet. A planet which is currently in crisis because of our imprint on the world. There is no instruction manual on how best to live your life but Mooshoo aims to help. At the end of 2019, the US dietary supplements industry was worth $123.9 Billion, growing by 8.2% per annum. The cosmetic industry worldwide is worth $532 Billion growing by 7.14% per annum. But how many of these products actually work?

The Mooshoo Way

The Mooshoo Way is to provide you with access to resources, products, and services that actually work. Our approach is to provide or direct you to tried and tested ways to improve your life, highlighting where there is strong evidence that something works and informing you when something doesn’t. The Mooshoo Way will help you discover products and services to make simple but effective changes, with our assurance that they will make a difference. Imagine being the most amazing ‘You’, in the knowledge that the products you buy have been researched, trialled, and properly tested* to have proven benefits! The Mooshoo Way will provide you with a user manual, meaning you only need to buy what you need, meaning no more wasted money on useless products and services, saving you money and a great deal less waste, which saves you space in your house and a much needed relief for the planet! Come and Mooshoo your life!

*While obviously, we cannot guarantee that everything on the site is scientifically proven and that sometimes science following further evidence changes what is recommended, we have done our best to do thorough checks to help only show you what really works.